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Welcome to Martino Reptiles

Welcome to Martino Reptiles

Welcome to Martino ReptilesWelcome to Martino Reptiles

Policy and Information

All animals are captive born and bred (CBB), no exceptions. I breed snakes as a hobby, not a full time job, so rest assured you will not be treated like “just another sale.” My animals are not “farm bred” or kept in a ‘facility/building.’ Animals are kept in my home, where I can attend to all their needs and requirements everyday. This is the level of quality and attention I give to my animals, and needless to say the same attention to detail and passion is passed to all my customers. 

All of my breeder stock has been purchased from the best in the business due to my personal standard. References are always available upon request from Alex Barrego, Dan Wolfe, Jamie Quick, Kyle Stevens of Royal Variations LTD, Steve Gooch, and many more highly respected herpetoculturists in the industry I personally select. 

I am dedicated to helping you succeed in all your future endeavors, and I readily share all my 15-years of reptile experience to all of my customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed before and after the sale.

As a former member of the military, I support all our armed forces members. A 5% discount is offered to all current and veteran military personnel on top of the offered price. This is my way of saying thank  you for everything you do for this country. Proof of participation is required and may be requested at my discretion. 

Trade offers are mostly declined due to my concern for health and introduction of foreign parasites/disease. Please do not take offense to this, as I take great care to ensure your investment is secured by ONLY dealing with select breeders. 

My business hours are from 8-PM to 10-PM EST 7-days a week. My cell is (917) 364-6010. Feel free to leave a message anytime if you have any questions, and I will return your call typically in the same business day.