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Welcome to Martino Reptiles

Welcome to Martino Reptiles

Welcome to Martino ReptilesWelcome to Martino Reptiles

About Me

Here it goes!

Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on writing up a huge documentary on myself. I did feel however sharing information about yourself helps you relate to others, hence why this was even placed on the site. I hope you don’t get too bored, and please feel free to comment on the blog. 

I grew up in Rockaway Beach, NY in small, but quaint home by the ocean. The ocean is one of the two most influential parts/aspects of my life, the other obviously being reptiles. Animals have always been a part of my life thanks to a wonderful and loving mother. I recall growing up in a house with more animals than some local zoos could offer for display at the time (my Dad pointed that out quite often). Everything from dogs, cats, lovebirds and rabbits all lived under the same roof. At the age of 11, that would all chance however with the addition of my first snake.

When visiting some cousins out in Long Island, NY if became completely intrigued with one of their pets and the time, and small male Ball Python. The animal amazed me, and immediately I wanted to know everything about the animal. I remember begging my Mom and Dad for me to have a snake, and at the time they thought my idea was nothing more than a “fad” since my cousin had something I wanted. They soon realized after 2-months of asking, researching, and begging that I was in fact serious about acquiring a snake. So, for my 12th birthday, I was awarded a baby female cornsnake from the local Long Island breeder. 

Unfortunately, that animal never made it past 5 months of age due to poor judgment in cage furniture accessories at the time. I remember being so upset over the loss, that I was even more determined to learn what I “did wrong.” I learned how keeping cages ‘simple’ was more important for the animal than making it look nice, which were my first baby steps into advanced husbandry techniques. The rest, as they say was history, and 18 years later I am still more excited than ever with the animals I keep and breed. 

Besides reptiles being an important part of my life, I am also incredibly proud to be a Merchant Marine officer. I graduated from one of the merchant marine academies, and continue to travel around the world. I also enjoy bodyboarding/surfing, high performance cars (i’m the proud owner of a 2009 Nissan GT-R pushing serious horsepower), and spending time with family and friends.

If you have any of the same interests or just want to share some thing about yourself, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and happy herping!

- Vic Martino